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How Stress and Serious Health Problems are Related

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Posted on Sep 13, 2022, 2 p.m.

According to, stress is how a person reacts when they feel like they are under pressure or they feel like they are threatened. It presents itself in different manners, depending on each individual. While many people are aware of stress and may be able to identify what is causing them stress, what most people are oblivious to is that stress is related to serious health problems. Therefore, it is important that you learn to identify how to manage your stress. In this article, we have gathered some valuable information in regard to stress and how it is related to certain chronic conditions. 

What is stress?

As mentioned above, stress is how a person reacts to situations in which they feel threatened or under pressure. It can occur to individuals who are going through something personally or even in group settings such as those where a family is going through something together. For individuals, some of the situations that may cause stress include job responsibilities, financial burdens, or family problems. Similarly, in group settings, stress can be caused by the death of a family member or the sickness of a family member.

Effects on Emotional Health

Stress looks different for everyone but it can take form by causing individuals to suffer from emotional distress. At times when a person is under stress, they may be more irritable or angry than usual. Additionally, stress may contribute to someone’s inability to process things logically due to the stress invading their thoughts. Individuals may find themselves more restless at night, impeding their ability to get meaningful rest that is essential to their well-being. In many cases, stress may also contribute to depression and sadness. All of these examples of emotional distress can lead to atypical behaviors by the individual such as drinking alcohol or using drugs. Not only can abusing substances be a direct consequence of stress but other things like overeating or undereating may also be due to stress. 

Physical Health Problems

Not only is stress a contributor to issues in an individual's emotional health, but it can also cause physical health problems. According to the Mayo Clinic, headaches may be caused by stress. Muscle tension and or pain can also occur when stress is a factor in an individual's life. Also, chest pain and stomach pain are also caused by stress. While these are all serious health problems, there are considerably more serious health problems that can occur when stress is involved. Some of those health issues include high blood pressure or even heart disease. While it may seem like some of those more serious health issues require long-term medical attention, many symptoms can be alleviated simply by learning how to manage your stress.

Ways to Relieve Stress

Not one method is going to release stress for everyone in the same manner because every individual has different interests. There are, however, many different strategies that can be explored to try to reduce the stress in your life. Some people really enjoy exercise and find that when they include it in their daily routine, their stress levels may be reduced. Others really enjoy socializing with friends and family and, in doing so, find relief from stress in their daily life. Everyone is different and finding something that works for you is the key to managing the stress in your life. 

Final Thoughts

Everyone goes through different stages in life and sometimes we have more stress than other times. Every time though, stress is bound to bring us negative effects either mentally or physically. Learning to manage your stress is a vital part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so figure out what works best for you and you'll be on the right path to living a more peaceful and stress-free life. 

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