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How Technology Will Reverse Disease and Add Decades to Life Expectancy

7 years, 6 months ago

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Posted on Dec 21, 2016, 6 a.m.

The technology industry has entered the medical arena and changes are occurring rapidly.

Many big medical companies and doctors withhold data in attempt to protect their own domain and this has caused a serious stagnation in medical discoveries and developments over the past century. Fortunately, all that is changing thanks to the fact that the technology industry has entered the medical arena. This convergence of medicine with biotechnology, infotechnology and nanotechnology, is leading to extremely rapid medical and healthcare advances. With Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) companies and other major tech companies (including Apple, Google, Microsoft and IBM) now in the healthcare realm, the elimination of most diseases will be possible in the very near future and the human lifespan will be significantly prolonged.

Benefits of the Convergence of Medicine and Technology:

  • An immeasurable amount of medical data, research and information pertaining to the human body (including the 19,000+ human genomes) can be entered into an A.I. device. The device will be able to dissect and comprehend more information than the human brain ever could. It will help identify the precise cause of every disease, and create a map for longevity.

  • Technology helps to take healthcare out of the hands of doctors and Big Pharma and put it into the hands of the consumer. Our smart phones are quickly turning into our personal physicians and by the early 2020’s our doctors will be in our pockets. Sensor based apps will be able to monitor vital signs and cellular functions and provide that data to the individual in a comprehensive way (as opposed to the typical medical jargon on medical test result forms). This will save us thousands on healthcare bills and give us full access to our own medical records.

  • Technological devices will be able to prescribe medicine based on a systematic understanding of our personal biochemical and physiological requirements. This will take the trial, error and tribulations out of the process of prescribing medicine.

  • Artificial Intelligence based physicians will become the ultimate preventative medicine companion. They will keep track of our daily activities (how long and how deep we sleep, what we eat, stress levels, activity levels, etc.), analyze them, and guide us towards optimal health with personalized directions.

  • A.I. physicians will keep us motivated and on track with our healthy lifestyle choices through a variety of techniques (e.g. they will send a picture of how you will look with added weight, anytime you skip your workout or overindulge in junk food).

*The above is based on a recording of doctor Ron Klatz with Dr. Vivek Wadwha, during the Brinks Longevity Conference in Palm Springs, California.

Dr. Nick Delgado, PhD ( is a graduate of the University of Southern California (USC). He studied Physical Therapy at Rancho Los Amigo Hospital, Health Sciences at Loma Linda University, and Nutrition at CSLB. Dr. Delgado directed the Nathan Pritikin Plan, and is certified in NLP, Time Line, and Hypnotherapy. With an emphasis on optimal sports performance. Dr. Delgado broke the World Strength Endurance record, lifting 50,640 lbs in one hour, and led Team USA to a World Championship. He is a medical commentator in the WHN Forum.

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